HONOLULU – Mayor Rick Blangiardi signed a bill Friday afternoon designed to prohibit the sale of flavored tobacco products within the City and County of

Multnomah County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously Thursday afternoon to end the sale of all flavored tobacco products for the county. The ban will take

Columbus City Council voted unanimously to end the sale of flavored tobacco products Monday night. The Coalition to End Tobacco Targeting advocated for legislative change

The Netherlands will ban all e-cigarette flavors except tobacco on October 1 next year, according to an amendment the government published in the Staatscourant. From

The Westchester County Board of Legislators passed a bill that would ban the retail sale and distribution of flavored tobacco products in the county. If

California became the largest U.S. state to ban flavored tobacco products on Tuesday, the Associated Press reports, with voters upholding a law that restricts the

China has joined a handful of countries in banning flavored vapes to combat underage use of nicotine. Starting October 1, e-cigarette companies are only allowed

Chula Vista council members on Tuesday unanimously approved an ordinance banning the sale of flavored tobacco products. The move prohibits the sale of all flavored

To reduce teens’ use of electronic cigarettes and other “vape” products, the Scotts Valley City Council on Wednesday banned the sale of flavored tobacco products

Connecticut raised its tobacco purchase age to 21 back in 2019, but youth advocates and health care experts say that hasn’t stopped flavored vaping and

Following an hours-long debate and public discussion Tuesday night, the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors voted to ban flavored tobacco sales — including menthol. Here’s

A survey done by the U.S. CDC found that more than 30 percent of Maine teens vape. Only five states have permanently banned flavored tobacco

The Denver City Council approved a ban on most flavored tobacco and vaping products Monday night. Come July 2023, the only places adults will be

The Redwood City Council this week voted to ban the sale of flavored tobacco products, as well as ban the sale of all tobacco products

Petaluma will raise the cost of tobacco products and ban the sale of flavored tobacco products as part of an effort to curb a growing

Local policies restricting flavored tobacco products successfully reduced product availability and youth and adult use of products like flavored e-cigarettes and menthol cigarettes compared to

Amid rising concerns over teenage vaping, the Walnut Creek City Council has unanimously approved a ban on the sale of favored tobacco and electronic smoking

Before the pandemic, health officials say teen vaping was the public health issue everyone should have been working to fight. In 2019, about 26% of

The Bangor City Council has voted 7-1 to ban flavored tobacco products, but the ban will not go into effect until after the Maine Legislature

The tactics that tobacco companies use to encourage use of their products are “fascinating and terrifying at the same time,” according to Dr. Laura Crotty

Vaping aerosols contain thousands of unknown chemicals and substances not disclosed by manufacturers, including industrial chemicals and caffeine, Johns Hopkins University researchers found. The study

If you live in San Jose and are craving menthol cigarettes or those fruity, candied, flavored vapes, you’ll soon have to go somewhere else to

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) denied marketing applications for about 300,000 flavored electronic-cigarette products from 31 companies. This follows the issuance of marketing denial

The risk that both tobacco and electronic cigarettes can pose to regular smokers’ health has been well documented, but a new UCLA study illustrates just

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday warned tobacco products seller Visible Vapors LLC for selling certain e-cigarette products that have not been authorized

A divided D.C. Council voted Tuesday to ban the sale of flavored tobacco products in the District, including menthol cigarettes. The 8-to-5 vote came after

Civil rights organizations and African American health groups ramped up pressure on the Biden administration to ban menthol cigarettes, accusing the tobacco industry of targeting

Maryland lawmakers are considering a statewide ban on flavored tobacco products, from cigars to menthol cigarettes and vaping products. Supporters of House Bill 134 contend

Public health and social justice advocates are urging the Legislature to ban the sale of flavored tobacco products, including menthol, saying the flavorings have long

As concerns about the health risks of vaping among young people continue to grow, Connecticut lawmakers want to eliminate all flavored e-cigarette and tobacco products

Hawaiʻi Attorney General Clare E. Connors joined a coalition of 23 attorneys general led by colleagues in Illinois and Idaho, in calling on the Food and Drug Administration

An Indiana senator is hoping to ban the sale and use of flavored e-liquid, also known as vape juice, for all ages. Sen. Ronald Grooms,

The appealing array of fruit and candy flavors that entice millions of young people take up vaping can harm their hearts, a preclinical study by

Chicago has been a trailblazer for decades in the fight to protect adults in general and young people in particular from the public health dangers

Vaping can lead to irreversible lung damage in youth and young adults. This may increase susceptibility to complications from infection with COVID-19 By: Mark Calarco,

By Shefali Luthra APRIL 24, 2020 In 2018, opioid overdoses claimed about 47,000 American lives. Last year, federal authorities reported that 5.4 million middle and high school students vaped. And

Posted at 8:41 PM, Apr 14, 2020 by Alex Bell and last updated 5:41 PM, Apr 14, 2020   BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — This past march 16-year-old Ryker

They’re everywhere. On Market Street in Wailuku. At the corner of Alua and Ho‘okahi in the Wailuku industrial area. Even in a kiosk at Queen

TOPEKA, Kansas — A proposal to ban all fruity and sweet vaping flavors in Kansas has upset both pro-vaping and anti-tobacco groups. Hundreds of popular

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The New Jersey Legislature today delivered a big win for kids over the tobacco industry by voting to prohibit the sale of

Vaping or using e-cigarettes for a long period of time was associated with an increased risk of respiratory diseases — including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker signed into law the nation’s toughest prohibition on flavored tobacco, including a ban on menthol cigarettes. The new restrictions will put

The New York City Council passed a measure Tuesday that will make the sale of flavored e-cigarettes and liquid for vaping devices illegal. The City

While the FDA continues to do nothing to protect consumers from the health risks associated with vaping, the States of America are exercising their independent

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock on Tuesday enacted a 120-day ban on the sale of flavored vaping products, saying that e-cigarettes are a growing epidemic causing harm

Brown’s ban arrives one week after the Oregon Health Authority announced the second death of an Oregon patient who had used cannabis vaping cartridges. Oregon

Starting Monday, only tobacco specialty shops will be allowed to sell flavored e-cigarettes, and they will be required to post notices on the dangers of

Los Angeles County on Tuesday banned flavored tobacco products including e-cigarettes, chewing tobacco and menthol cigarettes amid concerns that the products appeal to young people.

Rhode Island became the latest state to restrict e-cigarettes Wednesday when Gov. Gina Raimondo signed an executive order banning the sale of flavored vaping products.

Washington state is joining several other states in banning the sale of flavored vaping products amid concern over the mysterious lung illness that has sickened

High schoolers rallying in downtown Los Angeles this week chanted “Fight the flavor” as they showed their support for banning the flavored tobacco products that

An Ohio lawmaker has introduced a bill banning the sale of flavored vaping products as concerns grow about health effects of vaping. Legislation introduced Monday

Amid growing concern over a mysterious outbreak of vaping-related lung illnesses and deaths, as well as a persistent epidemic of youth use, states are stepping

Gov. Charlie Baker is banning the sale of all vaping products in Massachusetts for four months. Baker on Tuesday declared a public health emergency, and

A bill has been introduced that would ban the sale of flavored tobacco products and flavored vaping products in the state of Illinois. Rep. Deb

The state would become the second in the nation, behind Michigan, to outlaw sale of the fruity flavors popular with children and teenagers. Amid a

Michigan on Wednesday became the first state in the nation to ban flavored e-cigarettes, a step the governor said was needed to protect young people

Los Angeles County could soon become the nation’s largest jurisdiction to ban the sales of flavored tobacco — a move aimed at fighting what public

Bathroom breaks and passing periods have become excuses to vape for countless high school students in Berkeley. Teenagers who used to shun smoking say they

Health experts are beginning to learn more about the health effects of vaping Health experts are still learning about the effects of vaping — long-

Stanford adolescent medicine expert Bonnie Halpern-Felsher, PhD, is worried that flavored vape and e-cigarette products are a gateway to nicotine use for young people. “So

More than 100 organizations and influencers endorse legislation to end the sale and distribution of flavored tobacco products See Images of the Flavors Hook Kids

It was a jam-packed day for Youth Council members, Paige and Madeleine, who presented on the dangers of vaping to Hawai‘i State Teacher’s Association and

The U.S. surgeon general says swift action is needed to prevent millions of teenagers and adolescents from becoming hooked on Juul and other high-nicotine electronic

In late October, the Coalition for a Tobacco Free Hawai‘i (Coalition), a program of Hawai‘i Public Health Institute, along with the Hawai‘i Community Foundation and